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Founded in 1869, Potomac Boat Club is the oldest rowing club in the Washington, D.C. area and one of the best known in the country. It is home to some 300 senior members, ranging from recreational rowers to Olympic athletes. PBC hosts several successful competitive programs for scullers and sweep rowers, and has served as the home of Arlington’s Washington-Liberty High School crew, one of the first public schools to have a rowing program.


Members of Potomac Boat Club range from recreational rowers, to those who compete on a regular basis either individually or through a PBC competitive program, and all the way up to representing their country at the Olympic Games.


Potomac Boat Club is a member-run boat club in Washington, DC on the Potomac River. Potomac Boat Club welcomes rowers of all ages and skill levels, sculling and sweep, from novices to juniors to masters, and from the casual to the obsessed! We are a community bound together by our appreciation for this unique institution, our devotion to the sport and our love for the great Potomac River!