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Potomac Boat Club is home to approximately 300 Senior Members, as well as a large contingent of rowers participating in the Club’s competitive programs. Oversight of the Club is provided by a Board of Governors, with specific responsibility for various aspects of the boathouse and club operations delegated to a variety of committees, all of which are volunteer led and run. We are deeply indebted to the volunteers whose dedication, hard work, and passion for our sport and this club make it all possible. 

Board of Governors

The government, management, and operation of the Club is exclusively entrusted to an elected board of nine of its members, known as the Board of Governors. Each year, three Governors are elected for a term of three years. Annually, four officers are elected from the Board of Governors (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer).


The Board of Governors meets monthly, with the minutes from each meeting made available to the general membership in the Document Repository on this site and upon request of the Secretary. PBC also holds one Club-wide Annual meeting, scheduled during the first two weeks in April, and one Semi-annual meeting, scheduled during the first two weeks in October. The Annual meeting agenda includes elections for Board Governors and Board Officers. The Semi-annual meeting agenda includes elections for three Float Officers (Captain, First Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant).


Potomac Boat Club members who would like the Board of Governors to consider a particular issue or who would like to get clarification on club policy can communicate with the Board via the Secretary. First and last names should be included in the email; anonymous comments will not be considered. Appropriate matters will be taken up at the next board meeting following receipt of the email.

Current Governors

Lena Wang (2027), President

Mike Kummer (2025), Vice President

Allison Treubert (2025), Secretary

Steve Titus (2027), Treasurer

Jose Carrasco (2026)

Ed Gehres (2025)

Ghada Hallal (2026)

Stuart Kerr (2026)

Nick Woodfield (2027)

Float Officers

The Float Captain is responsible for maintaining order and discipline among the members and guests in aquatic matters and controlling the Club’s docks, fleet of boats, and related equipment, taking into consideration the priorities set by the Racing Committee and safety of the Club’s members and facilities. The Captain has the authority to call upon the Members to assist in the performance of duties. The First and Second Lieutenants aid the Captain in his or her duties and act as Captain in his or her absence. 

Current Float Officers

Nick Woodfield (2024), Captain

Chris Conroy (2024), First Lieutenant

Andrew Weinstein (2024), Second Lieutenant

Committees & Councils

Branding Committee

The Branding Committee is responsible for the development and oversight of the club insignia, and offers a selection of PBC branded gear and merchandise available for Senior Members and Program Participants purchase.


Branding Committee Chair: Sylvia Frayne

Club Rowing Committee (CRC)

The CRC is responsible for procuring, managing, and maintaining all boat-related activities and resources that are not under the aegis of the Racing Committee (RC). The CRC operates in close consultation with Float Officers, and the RC Chair.

Club Rowing Committee Chair: James DeFilippi

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee is responsible for ensuring members, prospective members, and the public have access to up-to-date and historical information about the Club and its operations in multiple formats. 

Communications Committee Chair: (TBD)

Diversity & Inclusion Council

The D&I Council exists to develop and implement initiatives to welcome, within our sport, people of all races, creeds, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities and backgrounds.


D&I Council Chair: Diane Poole

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee's primary duty is an annual audit of the accounts of the Treasurer. All propositions or proposals for the raising of revenue are referred to the Finance Committee, and it makes recommendations for budgeting or financial programs annually.  


Finance Committee Chair: Jim Freis

House Committee

The House Committee has charge of the property of the Club, except its boats, and is responsible for the maintenance of the same in good order at all times. The House Committee works in coordination with all committees, and especially the Social Committee, Safety & Security Committee, Regatta Committee.

 House Committee Chair: Dale Didion

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for admitting new members to the Club, and ensuring current members are in good standing with all relevant components of the PBC Constitution and By-Laws. The Membership Committee works in consultation with the D&I Council, the House Committee, and the Club Treasurer.

Membership Committee Chair: Dana Perrone

Racing Committee (RC)

The RC procures, manages, and maintains the equipment and resources allocated to PBC’s competitive racing programs. The RC is responsible for prioritizing race entries for the club in general, and for coordinating the equipment and resources that support the competitive pursuits of senior members who are unaffiliated with a specific program. The RC operates in close consultation with program coaches, Float Officers, and CRC Chair.

Racing Committee Chair: Lauren Schumer

Regatta Committee

The Regatta Committee organizes and orchestrates all elements of the Charlie Butt Sculler’s Head of the Potomac Regatta and any other regattas approved by the Board of Governors. The Regatta Committee operates in close consultation with the Float Officers, RC Chair, CRC Chair, and House Committee Chair.

Regatta Committee Chair: Carol Dinion

Safety & Security Committee

The S&S Committee is responsible for ensuring the safety of the physical facility of the Club and its members. The S&S Committee works in close coordination with the House Committee, and local police and safety authorities.

Safety & Security Committee Chair: George Kirschbaum

Social Committee

Per the Club Constitution, the House Committee has delegated “general charge of entertainments sponsored by the Club or by its members” to a “Subcommittee on Entertainment,” known today as the Social Committee. The Social Committee operates in close consultation with the House Committee Chair. 

Social Committee Chair: Virginia Bryant

Coordinators & Liaisons