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Prospective Members

Applying for Membership

Membership is by application only, with an application fee of $100. Membership is capped and PBC offers membership to the waitlist on a periodic out/in basis as members either resign or change status. Offers are made in the order in which application fees are received. Based on recent trends and the current size of the waitlist, the estimated wait is about 3 years to be offered membership. When an applicant reaches the top of the waitlist, it is expected that they will accept PBC membership when offered or they will need to reapply.

Complete the Membership Application

Keep your email current

PBC membership offers are communicated via email only. 

Applicants are not permitted to use PBC or its facilities prior to becoming members, except as the periodic guest of a Senior member in good standing, or as a participant in one of PBC’s racing programs. Guest rowing is not an alternative to membership for an individual wishing to row on a regular basis.

Program Participation

While waiting for membership, applicants may be eligible to participate in PBC’s racing programs. Current programs are the Potomac Scullers, Men’s Sweep, Women’s Sweep, High Performance Program, and Junior/U23 Programs. 

Applicants are provided the privilege of using PBC and its facilities as part of these programs, limited to hours specific to each program.

If an applicant declines membership when offered, they are no longer eligible to continue participation in PBC’s racing programs.

Privileges of Membership

Senior membership allows full use of the PBC building and equipment. PBC offers a variety of boats for the use of its members, including singles, doubles, and quads. There is also a fleet of canoes, paddleboards, and kayaks available for member use. For more information, see the Membership Overview page.

Volunteer Expectations

PBC is a volunteer-run organization. In addition to rowing out and racing for PBC, all members are expected to contribute regularly to the management, maintenance, and operation and repair of the facilities and equipment. 

Diversity and Inclusion

The Potomac Boat Club strives to build and maintain a culture where diversity and inclusiveness are a reflex, not an initiative; where a deep sense of pride, passion and belonging is embraced by members and all who row at PBC; and where each member is committed to excellence, diversity and social responsibility. Toward that end, we will develop and implement initiatives to welcome, within our sport, people of all races, creeds, ages, sexual orientations, gender identities and backgrounds.


If you have additional questions, please visit the FAQ page or contact the Membership Committee.