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We are the men (and women!) of the Potomac Men’s Sweep Team-- in Washington’s swampy summers and crisp, calm winters, we train together, race together, and compete together. We are students, we are Senior Masters; we are Veterans, we are parents; lightweights and heavyweights and coxswains and have made national teams in each of the past five decades and have the unis to prove it. We are all very different but all have one thing in common – every morning we show up to make one another better. 

We train hard in the winter and recharge our batteries - and then get back on the water in early spring to prep for spring scrimmages and travel, summer championships, and fall head racing - where our greatest success is typically found, with a gold in 2021 and a silver in 2022 in the Men's Masters Four at the Head of the Charles, and multiple Head of the Schuylkill wins in the intermediate, championship, and masters events since 2021.


For more information, reach out to the captains and coach via email to or Instagram DM to @PBCMenSweep


In 2024 we welcome new Lee Rumpf to lead our team. Brought on board by captains Austin Treubert (Navy ‘18) and Andrew Dellechiaie (BU '18) Lee comes from several Stotesbury successes and Henley runs as an athlete at TJ in their glory days, from where he went on to row at a little program rowing out of the Oakland estuary. Since then, he’s lead programs at TBC including but certainly not limited to GW and Georgetown 150s, helping both to their highest program finishes ever.

Coach: Lee Rumpf
Captains: Andrew Dellechiaie, Austin Treubert
Head Coxswain: Keara McLean

2024 Race Schedule (with additional scrimmages to be added)

Navy (scrimmage) - Saturday, March 30 | Annapolis, MD

San Diego Crew Classic - Friday-Sunday, 5-7 April | Mission Bay, CA

Club Cup - Saturday, April 27 | Boathouse Row, PA
Diamond State Masters Regatta - Saturday-Sunday, June 22-23 | Middletown, DE

IDR - Saturday-Sunday, June 29-30 | Boathouse Row, PA
Nationals - July 13-21 | Oklahoma City, OK

Head of the Potomac - Sunday, September 29 | Washington, DC

Head of the Charles - Saturday, October 19 | Boston, MA
Head of the Schuylkill - Saturday, October 26 | Philadelphia, PA

Interested in being a part of this effort, or otherwise joining the team and becoming a senior member of Potomac Boat Club?

Want to join the team? Send us your CV, below via email to or Instagram DM to @PBCMenSweep

 - A brief summary of your rowing experience

 - Age

 - Height/Weight

 - Erg score (2k and/or 6k)

 - Personal goals

 - Referrals from Coach/Captain/teammate welcome

TEAM STANDARDS AND EXPECTATIONS: We arelooking for 2-4 years' prior rowing at minimum. 90% of the team rowed four years in college and also in high school and while it's certainly possible to still not know what you're doing after that - that's the norm. Physical fitness-wise? A 6:35 2k is the sort of standard we consider required to be successfully helping the team win, whereas a 6:45 2k is the absolute hard cut-off (we aren't gonna make you test on your first day, but consider how these numbers align with other workouts you're up to, and if you're there based on your steady state or your marathon training or Zwifting.)


Masters - e.g., 40 and up - certainly willing to apply minor handicaps here, but the Masters and Club events at Head of the Charles are pretty much the same speed so we'll need you kicking the crap out of the young guys to keep everyone's blade sharp. Coming out of a few years of retirement? We're always happy to connect and talk about the team and training options, but be advised - while we don't expect you to be in "I just raced at IRAs" shape, the expectation is you'll be able to handle our full training and racing regimen, and not just progress towards personal goals but help the team win.

HOCR Roster 2023

Provided as a snapshot of the team roster, end of 2023. What does 2024 hold? Come down and find out.

Masters Four "A" - TRITON
c: Lauren Schumer
4: Bob Price
3: Phil Hoyle
2: Jon Moncton
1: Peter Clements
Senior Masters Four "A" - GORGON
c: Allison Treubert
4: Chad Jungbluth
3: Joe Manfredi
2: Martin Leonard
1: Ludo Hood
Club Eight "A" - TYPHON
c: Keara McLean
8: Austin Treubert
7: Cam DeLo
6: Martín Carrasco
5: Andrew Dellechiaie
4: Ian Estevão
3: Gareth Markel
2: Patrick Leon
1: Brian O'Rourke
Club Eight "B" - NEMESIS
c: Miranda Tompkins
8: Michael Cunningham
7: Forrest Dipert
6: Josh Forbes
5: Tanner Mathison
4: Aaron Moburg-Jones
3: Frederich Lightner
2: Lukas Butler
1: Seth Dalenberg
Mens Sweep HOCR 2023