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Women's Locker Room Cleanup
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Hi all - just thought I'd echo Ed Crocker's note - the women's locker room will also be cleaned this Saturday and any items not in your locker are fair game for the cleanup. Likewise, all lockers that are not currently assigned to an individual will be cleaned out (all lockers in this category currently have a sign on them). I've been in touch with everyone I know to have an assigned locker. If you think you have been assigned a locker and have not been in touch with me, please contact me at

On a somewhat related note - please don't leave food of any kind in your locker overnight, as it seems that we've been keeping some happy mice well fed. This even applies to wrapped food like granola bars, nuts, etc. I mention this because I recently cleared out a number of abandoned lockers and the evidence was unmistakable and...gross! 😳


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