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The Potomac Boat Club (PBC) Branding Committee was formerly identified and recognized by the Board of Governors in August 2012. The roles and responsibilities of the committee are broad based and include the collection as well as development and oversight of the club insignia. The committee serves the club organization in asserting the definition of the club uniform and insignia as defined by the Club Constitution and By-laws. The committee endeavors to emphasize and champion the logo and the club colors. We strive to unite the club compatriot and those reaching for higher level of motivation.

PBC Branding Committee provides/offers a selection of PBC branded gear and merchandise available for Senior Members and Program Participants purchase. Vendors that have extended discount opportunity to the club organization are:
– JL Racing
– Boathouse Sports
– Ruffneck Scarves
– Colorado Knitting Company
– Rudy Project Eyewear
– Visors/Headband – custom pre-order
If you have any questions or require more information, please contact the Potomac Boat Club Branding Committee using the form below.

Get the Gear! Rock the Star! Wear the Red!

Latest News

Lands End Gear Store

Lands’ End has been established as one of the leaders in Corporate Business Apparel. Many years ago PBC was fortunate to create a group store of Lands’ End products. 2019 marks the 150th Anniversary of Potomac Boat Club and an opportunity was made to update the e-store with new selections. The site offers a wide selection of casual apparel. The PBC embellishment provided thru Lands’ End e-commerce will allow variations of the PBC logo as an option to most items.  This store also introduces a special embellishment to honor and commemorate 150 years of rowing on the Potomac River.  

Committee favorites are the tote bag, throw, canvas cap, broadcloth shirt, fleece vest, squall jacket, and rain jacket. These PBC embellished items are offered on a permanent e-store which is accessible 24 hours / 7 days with direct payment and shipping. Most items can be purchased as single quantity with no embroidery minimum. The company has a Guaranteed Period, which means they will accept returns and exchanges.  

The storefront opens with a varied collection of items and will continue to be updated through the life of the webstore. Suggestions for items are always welcome. Lands’ End has 50-year history in the garment industry. Gary Comer is the founder who started the business in Chicago to outfit racing sailors. Lands End complies with California Transparency Act and has their own Global Compliance Program as part of their commitment to the environment and quality of merchandise.

Boathouse Sports

Boathouse Sports is PBC’s go-to vendor for rowing jackets and other PBC embellished items. There is a long-history with their premier and signature rowing jacket and will continue to be the selected and preferred rowing jacket for Potomac Boat Club.

PBC Boathouse Gear Store

The PBC Boathouse Sports store offers the original Stevenson Weathershirt available in Unisex sizing. Fabric selection for this jacket is based on providing lightweight fabric and flexibility for weather conditions which are colder and wetter training or racing conditions. Olympian John Strotbeck is the founder of the Boathouse and creator of the Stevenson Jacket. This design continues to be one of the best designs for rowing available on the market. Made in Philadelphia. This store will be offered at least once a year. This is the store to purchase jackets
for fall racing especially Head of the Charles.

Get the Gear! Rock the Star! Wear the Red!

Strawberry Brunch: Sterling and Burke

Celebrate 150 years of Potomac Boat Club, rowing on the Potomac River, history in the eras of the Nation’s Capital and continued contributions to the sport of rowing. Our club is honoring the history of the club, the participation to the sport of rowing, and the unique character of our organization. The 150th and Branding Committees have partnered with Sterling & Burke ,Ltd to offer a striking collection of marquis items commemorating our 150th Anniversary! Visit the
website, place an order, raise your pewter and toast Potomac Boat Club.

Sterling and Burke Store